At Popular Ink, LLC we print and convert flexible packaging materials using a process called flexography. We utilize CMYK process, combination screens and line work up to 10 colors.

We inventory a wide range of paper based, film, and lamination structures either at our facility or in the warehouses of our suppliers. These structures are standing by ready to be slit to the optimal width your products may require. This advantageous process enables us to provide our customers with the convenience of minimal lead times.

What we do best

We specialize in helping smaller start up companies grow into a market leader. We have no minimum run size, and our business model is designed to make it possible for smaller companies to compete. We are also home to a plethora of fortune 100 companies that see the benefit in growing their business with an ambitious company like ours. The bottom-line is we want your products to be popular. Whether you need 300 mock ups for a presentation or you need 3,000,000 to fulfill a distribution order we are the go-to team.


Our ink room is state of the art. We utilize a custom computerized program that monitors all ink brought into our facility using a bar code system. These inks are then used via the FIFO method. Therefore, inks are always fresh and there is no color outside our capabilities. This customized system also allows us to blend colors on site to hit a primary PMS that may be specific to your brand or logo. With our IT integrated process specifications and color monitoring using an X-rite densitometer, Popular Ink Corp. is a reliable, high quality printer in the narrow to mid web market.


Our varnish selection is extensive and will give your product a lasting image. The Varnish is a final coating put over the printed product to add protection in the marketplace. Our coatings can also improve your products appearance by utilizing an Ultra Gloss, Semi Gloss, Laminated, or Matte finish. The Varnish is what makes your product come alive and we will do strenuous consulting with you to achieve the look you are going for.


Water Based, Solventless or UV adhesives are utilized depending on the application. This process is utilized when reverse printing or to give a structure more rigidity. We utilize gloss and matte laminations based on your products look and functionality.


Paper, Film, Foil, and many more. Every structure we offer is FDA approved for direct product contact. Our material specifications are kept up to date annually, and our qualifying process for new vendors is strenuous. All of our raw materials are bought and manufactured in America. Upon request we can have all CFR (Certified Food Requirement) compliance documents available within minutes. From single to 6 layer structures we can convert the optimal material your product requires. Our sealants are customizable, and we have a shelf life guarantee ensuring your products will not be defective due to sealant layer deficiencies.


Your package is a marketing tool and you should take advantage of what you can get in front of your consumer. With new age technology the QR code has become an evolving marketing tool used to extend your products experience with the end user. We can print a QR code on almost every package we produce. Much like a UPC code we test scan all QR codes for functionality during every set up. Keep connected with your target audience by adding a QR code to your next production run.