Environmentally friendly company

I've worked with many printers over the last 10 years and Popular Ink proves to be one of the most personalized, enthusiastic and dedicated to offering eco-packaging.
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Popular Ink, LLC cares about the Environment. A primary focus of this company is to monitor what leaves our shop and goes into the landfill. Nearly every operating decision is made considering its impact on the environment. Flexible packaging by its very nature is environmentally friendly. With every product offered in a flexible package one less product is produced in a rigid container; thus, reducing the weight of shipments, space taken up in transport, and fuel used in the logistics of finished products. Many of our base structures are environmentally sustainable which helps significantly reduce the landfill footprint.

Popular Ink, LLC utilizes water based inks and solvent-less adhesives exclusively. Our cleaning supplies are monitored to follow strict compliance guidelines, and our partnerships with 3rd party HAZ MAT companies allow us to dispose of any waste in a responsible manner. We also encourage our vendors to become involved in our recycling programs with various components that can be easily reused. In addition to recycling and operating as an environmentally friendly company we have materials and packaging solutions for our clients to join in the efforts. From wind powered raw material suppliers, decomposable films, and more, Popular Ink, LLC actively pursues avenues to protect the environment.

Popular Ink is an AIB certified organization, and our traceability programs are unrivaled. A state of the art manufacturing software is utilized throughout the entire organization to certify the workflow is documented, precise, and efficient every step of the way. All of our raw materials are on a FIFO life cycle, and all WIP/Finished Goods are bar coded for precise identification. We recognize the importance of visibility beyond the production process to ensure our systems allow us to support our customers while their product is in the market.